Best Deals Circular Mirror - Peel N Stick

Circular Mirror - Peel N Stick
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, Our Circular Mirror is a must have dorm room essential product. This mirror is ideal for dorms as it is a peel n stick, lightweight, acrylic mirror that can hang to any wall or door without damage. The removable sticky back allows you to place this mirror where you need it without the fear of it destroying your dorm walls. It holds with surprising ease, especially considering that it is removable. Many dorm rooms lack room mirrors. If this is true for the university you are attending then that means you'll have to go to your dorm community bathroom just to look in the mirror. ..OUCH. That's never good. The best and cheapest solution is to add one of Dorm Co's Peel N Stick Mirrors. These mirrors provide the dorm decor look and the necessary mirror to be both good looking and useful. Stick our Circular Mirror to your dorm wall or closet door for an easy to use, glass free, removable mirror. ...

Circular Mirror - Peel
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