Best Al Wadi Tahina, 32 oz, 2 pk

Al Wadi Tahina, 32 oz, 2 pk
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Al Wadi Tahina, 32 oz, 2 pk Details & Features

Al Wadi , A staple in Middle Eastern cooking, Al Wadi Tahini is 100% ground sesame paste. Free from any whitening agents or other preservatives, it has a creamy consistency and nutty flavor. Its savory flavor makes it an excellent base for appetizer spreads, especially hummus and baba ghannough and is the perfect accompaniment to falafel. Tasty and smooth, Al Wadi Tahini is an excellent ingredient in soups and salad dressing and is ideal for the customary Middle Eastern dessert, halvah. Features include: -Free from any whitening agent -Traditional nutty flavor -Perfect ingredient for falafel, hummus, baba ghannough, and halvah ...

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Al Wadi Tahina,
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